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De un par de botas y cuatro pies

Esta es una historia real, que sucedió... en la mesita de noche. This is a true story that happened on the nightstand...

Demasiadas manzanas. Nivel A

Lecturas gráficas combinan temas interesantes, ilustraciones emocionantes y texto cuidadosamente nivelado, apropiado para los lectores jóvenes. Esta serie. incluye títulos de una variedad de géneros, incluyendo no ficción, aventura, misterio y acertijos, para proporcionar conexiones intercurriculares a los temas de matemáticas, estudios sociales y Ciencias.

Diego rana-pintor

Publisher: Combel Editorial

Spanish Description :

English Description : Based on the life of the great Mexican painter Diego Rivera, this book allows children to learn about his childhood in Guanajuato, his life as an artist, and his works of art. The vivid and colorful illustrations will surely delight young readers!


Doble Fudge

Publisher: Atlantida
Fans of Superfudge and Fudge-a-Mania will welcome the return of seventh-grader Peter Hatcher and his five-year-old brother, Fudge, who in this comical caper meet distant cousins from Hawaii. The two families unexpectedly encounter one another in Washington, D.C., where the New York City Hatchers have gone so that Fudge, who has developed an obsession with money, can visit the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The Howie Hatcher clan proves an eccentric lot. Twins Fauna and Flora, unironicially nicknamed the Natural Beauties, would be in Peter's grade if they weren't home-schooled; apt to break into corny songs at any moment, they perform together as the Heavenly Hatchers. Their younger brother, who shares Fudge's real name (Farley Drexel), acts like a dog, growling and licking people. And their father won't stop calling Peter's dad "Tubby." Narrator Peter grits his teeth when the Honolulu Hatchers invite themselves to Manhattan to stay in his family's cramped apartment, where nestled in their sleeping bags on the living room floor they "slept flat on their backs, like a row of hot dogs in their rolls. All that was missing was the mustard and the relish." The boy is further appalled when the twins show up at his school and convene an assembly so that they can sing. Peter's wry reactions to the sometimes outsize goings-on, Fudge's inimitable antics and the characters' rousing repartee contribute to the sprightly clip of this cheerful read. Ages 8-12.

El árbol presumido

Los primeros días de colegio, mis primeros miedos, mis primeras alegrías, mis primeros dibujos, mis primeros lápices para escribir... y ¡mis primeras páginas para leer!


El ascensor mágico

Pasea junto a Ben mientras resta pisos para llegar a la planta baja. ¡Verás que encuentra maravillas donde quiera que va!




El caballo/The horse. Libro bilingüe/Bilingual book

Cada vez que el padre de Miguel regresa de un viaje, le compra un caballo. Un día, le compra un caballo muy especial. Every time Miguel's father comes back from a journey, he buys him a horse. One day, he bought him a very special horse.


El carrito de Monchito. Edad/Age: +5

Monchito tiene un carrito tan grande como un elefante y tan chico como una hormiguita. ¿Cómo es posible? Descúbrelo en este cuento travieso de Margarita Robleda, una autora Mexicana especialista en hacer "cosquillas con las palabras".